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This FAQ is a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about overheating problems and radiator replacement issues.

1. Q. Why does it matter if a radiator is OEM fit?

A. OEM fit means the radiator was built specifically for the make and model car it is listed for. Many aftermarket high-performance radiators are built with universal fit parts so they can be used in a wider range of car makes and models. Universal fit radiators are usually difficult to install, as they quite often require modifications to the mounting hardware, fan brackets and shrouding. OEM fit radiators provide an easier and cleaner looking installation.

2. Q. How do your radiators provide 20% to 30% more cooling?

A. Our High-Performance radiators have cores which are 40mm thick, that's over twice as thick as standard import radiators. Our radiators also have 2 rows of tube, where a stock import radiator only has 1. In addition, our radiators have all aluminum tanks instead of the standard plastic tank cars come from the factory with, this allows better heat transfer than the standard radiator. As you can see, 20% to 30% more cooling is a conservative estimate when you take all these features into account.

3. Q. Why are your radiators better for Turbo Charged, Super Charged & Nitros equipped engines than the original radiator I have in my car?

A. Turbo Charged, Super Charged & Nitros equipped engines create more power, therefore more heat. Standard radiators are designed to dissipate heat from a standard factory motor only, additional heat created by compressing air or injecting an oxygenator like Nitros, creates much more heat than the factory engineers designed the original radiator to handle.

4. Q. Why do I need a high-performance radiator for my Sport Import? Won't my standard radiator work?

A. As discussed in the answer above, the standard radiator was never designed to dissipate the heat generated by the hi-tech modifications available today. The additional heat generated by these modified motors can cause cylinder heads to warp, motor oil to break down, valves to burn and parts to expand and seize; unless that additional heat is removed from the engine.

5. Q. What is a Nocolock core?

A. Nocolock is a method of soldering the aluminum tubes that make up the radiator core to the header(the "header" is the plate on the bottom side of the radiator tank that the tubes are attached to and that holds all the tubes in place). Previously, Aluminum tubes were attached to the header with epoxy, these epoxy seams had a tendency to leak.

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